10 Reasons Why Morning Sêx Is Good For Your Health And Intimate Relationship

Having intimacy in the morning can make your day even better! According to a study by Oregon State University, making love in the morning makes you more active and increases your creativity.


It also gives you a boost of positivity, making your mood soar, and at the same time, it relaxes you, preparing you to face the tasks ahead with less stress and anxiety.

Not everyone indeed feels sexy and attractive as soon as they open their eyes, because of the shaggy hair and being seen without make-up. But if you can get over this self-doubt and indulge in a little cuddling with your partner, you’ll feel good about having intimacy in the morning all day and into the evening. Try it to believe it.

Just set the alarm clock earlier and enjoy waking up with pleasure. Still not convinced that love in the morning is not for you? Here are 10 reasons to change your mind and prefer it to night-time intimacy.

1. If you have intimacy in the morning, you wake up happy (and stay that way all day). According to a New York University study, making love in the morning makes you more optimistic and the benefits last into the evening. This is due to the happiness hormone oxytocin.

2. You can even skip your workout (guilt-free!). Making love is a fantastic calorie burner. Some research claims that doing it for an hour is equivalent to about half an hour of running. So not only do you have fun with your partner, but you also stay fit.


3. Having intimacy in the morning ensures “sweet dreams”. In the heat of passion, people often stay up too late for intimacy and wake up in the morning groggy and tired. And in the long run, this can also affect your intimacy drive, because this goes hand in hand with a good night’s sleep. So it’s better to make love in the morning, after a good night’s sleep.

4. If you make love in the morning, you are full of energy. At the end of the day, fatigue sets in and sometimes making love becomes tiring. However, in the morning, as soon as you wake up, you are rested and full of energy, which is perfect for making love under the sheets.


5. If you have intimacy in the morning, you become more beautiful and radiant. And healthier too, according to many university studies. The reason is that intimacy in the morning strengthens your immune system, protecting you from infections and bacteria. Your skin also becomes firmer and your hair is strengthened because pleasure increases your oestrogen levels.

6. Having intimacy in the morning boosts your self-esteem (including your erotic self-esteem). Feeling desired, even when your hair is messy and you have just opened your eyes, makes you more confident and truly welcomed and wanted by your partner. And it makes you realise that you are sexy and gorgeous just the way you are, even without make-up and the perfect hairdo.

7. With morning intimacy, live the “morning glory”! In the morning, male testosterone levels are higher and your man can do his best under the sheets. Because he has more vigour, your cuddling can last much longer. Seize the moment!

8. Have intimacy in a more uninhibited way. Compared to hot late-night encounters, morning intimacy is usually unplanned and doesn’t need as much ‘preparation’ as choosing which sexy outfit to wear. So it allows you to bring out your most spontaneous side, making love in a more instinctive and freeway.

9. Morning intercourse improves your intimacy as a couple. Intimacy as soon as you open your eyes? It is even more intimate, because you entrust yourself to the other without too much thought, showing yourself as you are. And this creates a much more empathetic and deeper feeling with your partner, which makes your love story more solid.

10. If you make love in the morning you feel closer throughout the day. Saying good morning with cuddles and passionate kisses allows you to stay connected even as you say goodbye to each other to start your day.

Because that sense of fulfilment and love that you have experienced together is a bond that unites you even when you are physically apart.

Those feelings will resurface throughout the day and you will find yourself thinking about each other with greater intensity, looking forward to seeing each other again.

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