”7 steps to succeed in life”- Reno Omokri lists

Nigerian lawyer, bestselling author and human rights activist, Reno Omokri has said that in order for one to succeed in life, you need for follow some certain steps.

Photo of Reno Omokri
Photo of Reno Omokri

He shared a post on his Instagram page, where he said that some following steps need to be adhered to succeed in life;

7 Steps To Succeed in Life

1-Live life to impress God, not men

2-Have a wedding that fits your budget

3-Have children according to your wallet

4-Don’t expect your siblings to train you and your children and don’t hate them if they don’t

5-Buy only the things you can afford

6-Don’t buy luxuries if you have not bought all your necessities

7-Invest in you and your children’s education more than your parent’s burial.

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