Arnold Schwarzenegger Acknowledges Affair with Househelp Was a Mistake

Arnold Schwarzenegger Acknowledges Affair with Househelp Was a Mistake
Arnold Schwarzenegger Acknowledges Affair with Househelp Was a Mistake

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic actor who acted in the popularly known movie called The Terminator, he was also the former Governor of California. Arnold made headlines in 2011 when he revealed a deeply personal and shocking secret that had been hidden for over a decade. In admission to his mistake, Schwarzenegger acknowledged having had an extramarital affair with the family’s househelp, Mildred Baena, which ultimately led to the birth of a child . This revelation shook both his personal life and public image, as well as sparking a conversation about infidelity and its consequences.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with Mildred Baena reportedly took place more than a decade before it was publicly revealed. During this time, Schwarzenegger was married to Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy family and a respected journalist. The affair resulted in the birth of a son, Joseph Baena, who was born just days after Schwarzenegger’s youngest child with Maria Shriver.

Even though they had a rocky past, the former California governor and Shriver have been able to stay on good terms and be friendly with each other.

In an interview with the People magazine the Terminator Actor Arnold said “My chapter with Maria will continue on forever. Even though it’s a different relationship, there’s no reason for me to feel anything other than love for her.” He added: “We always made it very clear that the kids should not suffer because of my affair. And she has her things, her relationship, I have mine with Heather Milligan, but we always communicate about the kids, about the holidays, about birthday parties and Mother’s Day parties and Christmas.”

The exes also share daughters Katherine, 33 and Christina, 32, as well as son Patrick, 30.

Schwarzenegger has also maintained a bond with Katherine’s husband, actor Chris Pratt. In June, Katherine posted a photo of her dad and husband in honor of Father’s Day.

“Happy fathers to day to these guys! We love you a big one!” she shared an Instagram photo of the pair smoking cigars at the time.

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