Billionaire Ned Nwoko, debunks claim of Jaruma’s products having effects on him

Billionaire, Ned Nwoko, has revealed that his separation with his Moroccan born wife, Laila Nwoko, has nothing to do with the influence of a local aphrodisiac called “Kayamata”,vended by one Hauwa Saidu Mohammed, popularly known as Jaruma.

Photo of Ned Nwoko
Photo of Ned Nwoko
In a statement released by his media team, on his Instagram page, claimed that the Billionaire has nothing whatsoever to do with Jaruma’s products in relation to his marriage with his wife, Regina Daniels.
Ned Nwoko added that the claim that ”Kayamata” is working on him and the reason his ex wife, Laila left, is a baseless speculation. According to him, Jaruma married a younger man and the marriage crashed despite her ‘Kayamata” that she claims work.
Ned  Nwoko further explained that his marriage with Laila ended after she underwent plastic surgery, spent money she was given for their kids’ summer holiday in London on herself and also had a physical meeting with a “strange man” who she met on the internet in a hotel in Europe.

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