Burna Boy’s ‘African Giant’ makes history after going platinum in France

African giantIn 2018, Burna Boy achieved global recognition when his single ‘YE’ caught the interest of rap enthusiasts who were seeking Kanye West’s album of the same title.

Amidst his rapid international ascent, Burna Boy launched his fourth album ‘African Giant’ in 2019, setting a new trajectory for African music on the global stage.

Propelled by the smash hits ‘On The Low’, ‘Gbona’, ‘Dangote’, ‘Killing Dem’, and ‘Anybody’, the album achieved significant success both domestically and internationally.

Five years following its release, ‘African Giant’ has attained platinum status in France, as confirmed by SNEP, having surpassed 100,000 units in sales.

The album’s certification owes much to the widespread success of ‘On The Low’ and ‘Gbona’, both of which have received platinum certifications in France.

‘African Giant’ now stands as the sole Nigerian album to achieve platinum status, having previously shared the SNEP gold record with Rema’s debut album ‘Raves & Roses’.

In 2023, Burna Boy’s smash hit single ‘Last Last’ was honored with a diamond certification by SNEP, further solidifying his international acclaim.

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