Cross dresser, James Brown set to remove his manhood

 Nigerian Controversial cross dresser, James Brown set to remove his manhood.

Photo of James Brown
Photo of James Brown

Cross dresser, James Brown is a content creator, comedian, dancer and brand influencer. James Brown was born James Obialor and he is famously known as ”They did not caught me”.

The cross dresser, James Brown, in excitement, announced that he would soon remove his ‘Thing’.

James Brown made this announcement on his Instagram page, while wishing his followers a happy new month He revealed that ugly ladies have been sliding into his DM even though he is now a cross dresser.

”Happy new month, my Durlings.
if I was a man I wish to get married to someone as beautiful as the girl in this picture, not all those ugly girl  that always send me a Dm telling me, I’m their crush. my sisters your are not my type ooooo me that what to remove my (THING) very soon”.

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