Drama As Man Divorces Wife For Always Demanding D0ggy Style

Tsitsi Murakwani (27) has been divorced by her family after she demanded that her spouse Tumai Karanda (34) take her from the back. Tsitsi, her husband’s wife, made the odd request three years into their marriage, and he is devastated.

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” I’m not sure what possessed her. She simply knelt and began panting like a dog. She stated that she wanted me to behave like a dog. I left the bedroom, believing she was possessed, and went to sleep in the kitchen.

But she refused to quit and insisted that I not sleep with her unless I performed the dogs’ manner. I’ve seen dogs mating and it looks like they’re dragging each other, but I don’t think humans can do that. I contacted my aunt, and a family gathering was set up. We all agreed that divorce was the best option.

We don’t mate like dogs because it’s against our culture.”

Tumai’s words were echoed by the family’s spokesman (Tete Mai George), who is also an aunt.

” We were embarrassed, so we asked her where she learned all of this, and she replied she learned it from a Whatsapp group. What does a married woman do in a Whatsapp group?” She stated, “That is being promiscuous.”

“Write whatever you want,” Tsitsi replied. It is my right to say anything I want in my bedroom to my hubby. Despite the fact that my family is ancient and backward, I am not getting divorced. Tumai still has feelings for me.”

We hope the pair can work out their disagreements amicably, and that they won’t mate like dogs in the future. It’s a heinous crime in Guruve.

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