“I don’t think I’m going to ever marry again -” Korra Obidi [Video]

Korra Obidi has taken to social media to disclose that she doesn’t think she will ever get married again.

Korra Obidi
Korra Obidi

The mother-of-two, whose husband announced he was divorcing her just 5 days after they welcomed their second child, said she really tried in her marriage.

She said she cooked all sorts of meals, gave him “doggy style, trampoline style, elephant style”, bought sexy lingeries, and did everything else a wife is expected to do.

She added that she gave her all to that “institution” but the institution is not easy. She then warned that no man should marry her.

She explained that when she was married, she had to tone down her personality and other things out of respect for the man. She added that she now has her space to herself to do as she likes and she loves the freedom.

“I don’t think I’m going to ever marry again,” she said.

Watch her speak in the video here.

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