”If you don’t help your sibling, I wonder who you wan help”- Nigerian man, Uzoukwu Anayo says

A Nigerian man identified as Uzoukwu Anayo has shared his thought on some women, who would rather give money to men who promised them marriage than help their own brothers with money.

Photo of Uzoukwu Anayo
Photo of Uzoukwu Anayo

Uzoukwu Anayo, shared his thought on Facebook, thanking God for giving him selfless sisters.

According to him, if not for his selfless sisters, he would be roaming the street of Upper Iweka in Anambra state, Nigeria.

Uzoukwu Anayo wrote on his post on Facebook that;

Do you know some ladies would rather assist a man who promised them marriage financially than their own brother? Makachi some women neediri ima ihe,” he wrote.

“One bought Keke for a man that wants to marry her but left the brother to be roaming about jobless and without skill…..I couldn’t believe her reason; that if she help the brother now, tomorrow he will get married and another woman will come and be enjoying the fruit of her labour. Can you imagine? So maka this useless reason now she rather let the blood brother struggle.

Eziokwu, sometimes when I kneel to pray, I don’t ask God for anything rather I thank him for a wonderful family, for a selfless sisters because the girls bu uzo metuba ego aka na the family, oburu na ha nwere this kind of selfish mindset I don’t know where I would be by now.

Onwere ike by now I will be at upper-iweka na-ama conductor and be shouting ” new parts Tarzan site to-gate site to-gate, uga head ridge uga, building site. Old road nkpor junction”

Nwanne eeh If you don’t help your sibling, I wonder who you wan help. Marakwa na family ofu onye ji ego na ime ya dikwa poor. 

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