MTN Nigeria plans to construct an Iconic Green Building as New Corporate Head Office

Green BuildingIn a recent interview with Arise TV, Karl Toriola, the CEO of MTN Nigeria, revealed the telecommunications giant’s intention to construct its corporate headquarters in Lagos. The forthcoming headquarters will be situated within a remarkable green edifice, underscoring MTN’s dedication to eco-friendly initiatives and sustainability benchmarks.

Toriola disclosed that MTN’s decision to relocate is part of its strategic vision for the future. “We are currently in the process of designing our head office. While I’m unsure if construction will commence this year, I am hopeful. Otherwise, we will proceed with advancing the project,” he stated, emphasizing the ongoing design phase and the company’s commitment to creating a cutting-edge structure.

In a move towards environmental stewardship, MTN had previously announced plans to erect a green building as its headquarters. Toriola confirmed that the necessary land has been acquired for the project, and design work is already underway.

Green Building mtn nigeria

The CEO expressed confidence in the timeline, estimating that the construction of the new headquarters would be completed in four years or less.

Dubbed “The Green Building,” the structure is poised to embody MTN’s dedication to sustainable business practices. The company aims to align its operations with environmentally friendly standards, contributing to the global effort to combat climate change.

When questioned about the location of the new head office during the interview, Toriola remained secretive, stating, “No, I can’t reveal that yet. We have secured the land, design is underway, and we are committed to making it an iconic, state-of-the-art green building in Lagos.” This aura of mystery surrounding the location adds anticipation and excitement to MTN’s impending corporate relocation.

As the telecommunications giant presses forward with its ambitious plans, the construction of “The Green Building” is expected to leave a significant mark on Lagos’ skyline, symbolizing MTN’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.


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