Oxlade Reveals, No More Album This Year

Oxlade Reveals, No More Album This Year
Oxlade Reveals, No More Album This Year

Nigerian music star Oxlade has sent waves through the music industry as he recently announced that he will not be releasing any new album this year. The revelation has left fans and music enthusiasts both surprised and curious about what the future holds for the talented artist.

Oxlade, whose real name is Ikuforiji Abdulrahman Olaitan, has been a rising star in the Nigerian music scene. Known for his unique blend of Afrobeat, R&B, and soulful melodies, he gained recognition with hits like “Away” and “Ojuju.” His debut EP, “Oxygene,” released in 2020, received widespread acclaim, showcasing his prowess as both a singer and songwriter. He is also signed to Troniq Music, Epic Records in France, and Columbia Records in the UK, he was named the first Pandora Africa’s Next Artist in July 2022.

The news of Oxlade postponing the release of his album has sparked mixed reactions. While some fans are disappointed at the delay, many understand the importance of artists taking their time to craft exceptional music. In a statement issued by Oxlade on his instagram story,he said “Halting everything To Get Bavk To 100. see You When I see You. No more Album This Year.. Yup it’s sad…. I know …. But A Man Gatta be at his best to give you the best thing’s y’all deserve”

Several factors could be contributing to Oxlade’s decision to delay his album release. The music industry is highly competitive, and artists often face pressure to consistently release new material. However, Oxlade’s choice to focus on quality over quantity could be seen as a refreshing departure from this trend. It’s an acknowledgment that creating an album is an art form that requires time, inspiration, and a certain level of emotional depth.

Additionally, the global music landscape has changed significantly in recent years. The rise of streaming platforms and the internet has allowed artists to connect with their audiences more directly, reducing the need for rigid release schedules. Oxlade may be taking advantage of this flexibility to ensure that his next album truly reflects his artistic vision.

While fans may have to wait a bit longer for Oxlade’s album, they can take comfort in knowing that when it does arrive, it’s likely to be a carefully crafted masterpiece. In the meantime, they can continue to enjoy his existing catalog of songs, eagerly anticipating the musical journey that Oxlade will take them on when he decides the time is right for his next big release.

In conclusion, Oxlade’s decision to delay his album release is a bold move that underscores his commitment to artistic excellence. While fans may have to exercise patience, the anticipation and excitement surrounding his next project are sure to grow as they eagerly await what promises to be a remarkable addition to his already impressive discography. Oxlade’s announcement serves as a reminder that sometimes, in the pursuit of great art, it’s worth waiting for the magic to happen.

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