“I will buy you and marry you” – Portable blasts Laide Bakare after she called him a dirty boy in an interview

portableNigerian singer Portable, renowned for his provocative music, has openly condemned actress Laide Bakare for labeling him a “dirty boy” in a recent interview.

Laide Bakare, who holds the position of senior special assistant on entertainment in Osun State, addressed the term “Portable Dirty Boy” during a conversation with actress Biola Bayo.

In response to Portable’s video tirade, Laide Bakare cautioned actress Ashabi Simple against offering advice to her husband, Portable, regarding infidelity, subsequent to their interview.

In a recent video, Nigerian singer Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, is seen physically confronting actress Laide Bakare after she referred to him as a “dirty boy” during an interview.

Laide Bakare, who currently serves as the senior special assistant on entertainment for Osun State, discussed the topic of “Portable Dirty Boy” in an interview with actress Biola Bayo.

Following Laide Bakare’s statement in an interview that she would retaliate if her spouse cheated on her, Portable unleashed a verbal attack on the actress in a video, advising her to refrain from offering counsel to his wife, Ashabi Simple, also an actress.

During an Instagram live session, Portable lashed out at Laide Bakare after she referred to him as a “dirty boy.”

Accusing Laide Bakare of engaging in extramarital affairs, Portable criticized her for not having a husband at home.

According to the “Zazoo Zeh” hitmaker, Laide Bakare, who labeled him a “dirty boy,” allegedly previously sought his phone number and attention through direct messages (DM).

Furthermore, Portable claimed that Laide Bakare once invited him to her birthday celebration, but he declined the invitation due to her reluctance to cover the expenses.

Portable asserted his capability to financially acquire Laide Bakare and even marry her, while also questioning the whereabouts of her husband.

In his statement, Portable declared, “I will buy you and marry you. Who is your husband? Name your husband.”

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@boluwatife_rawcash1313: This one Wey Dey always prostrate for every celeb before Now e Dey claim say he wise pass everybody online.

@judithoflagos: How much do u even have? Go and sit down.

@golden_tune_tkg: Where that man wey him wife Dey always born online… him never wake?

@ebonyjossy254: Hon. Laide Senior Special Assistant to Osun state Governor na Portable dey enter. He will learn the hard way. Dey play my fans. Laide no be your mate o. You fit play with guys like you but this woman go send you go where you no no


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