Reno Omokri tackle pastors who do not practise what they preach

Reno Omokri tackles Pastors who tell their church members that payment of tithe gives divine protection but move around with security.

Photo of Reno Omokri
Photo of Reno Omokri

Reno shared his opinion on Instagram that it is either they do not pay tithe or do not believe in what they preach to their members.

”A pastor tells you that by paying tithe, you have divine protection. Then that same pastor goes out with armed security protecting him. It is either he does not pay his tithe, or he does not believe what he told you. Divine protection comes by faith, not by tithe! In fact, God ordained a day for you to be born and a day for you to die. Tithe or no tithe, no one can kill you before that day. And no one can extend your life beyond that day. Christ never collected tithes. His disciples never collected tithes. Do you know why? Because they were not Levites. ONLY Levites collected tithes because they were prevented from working by God. You see this in Numbers 18:21. New Testament Pastors worked-Acts 30:34. Old Testament prophets worked-2 Kings 6:1-5. The only people who did not work were Levites and pastors are NOT Levites”.

Screenshot of Reno Omokri's post
Screenshot of Reno Omokri’s post



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