Report: Apple Cancels Jon Stewart Show Due to China and AI Disputes

According to The New York Times, Apple TV+ has canceled the talk show hosted by US comedian Jon Stewart after only two seasons. The decision appears to stem from conflicts between Stewart and Apple executives, particularly concerning content related to China and artificial intelligence. With significant commercial interests in China and AI, Apple reportedly expressed concerns about the proposed new content for “The Problem with Jon Stewart.”

Apple has not responded to requests for comment from AFP. Due to his role as the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart, a well-known figure in the United States, left the show in 2015 to pursue other endeavors. In 2021, Apple TV+ launched “The Problem with Jon Stewart” as a flagship current affairs program, offering a satirical perspective on different topical issues each week. Recent episodes in the show’s latest season included topics such as “Globalization: Made In America” and “Searching for Allies.” Apple has had a substantial presence in China since 1993 and has grown into the country’s major provider of smartphones, laptops, and consumer electronics.

In a surprise move, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently visited China. Cook has previously characterized Apple’s relationship with China as “symbiotic.” During an earnings call in August, he emphasized the significance of AI and machine learning, considering them as fundamental technologies integral to nearly every product developed by the company.

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