Slay Queen Grows Testicles On Her Private Part After Cheating With A Married Man [Photos]

A report reaching us has it that, powerful and sultry Slay Queen has developed testicles on her private parts after being caught fooling with a married guy.

Slay Queen Wish Testicles AfricaWish 1

According to the information available to, the married man’s wife learned that her spouse was cheating and went to a Juju man for assistance in harming the mistress who was cheating on her husband.

The Slay Queen paid her husband a visit at the guest home where they used to make love after seeing the fetish priest and following the directions given to her.

After an hour of making love, the Slay Queen began to experience discomfort in her private parts, which began slowly but evolved into something else.

They rushed her to the hospital but were unable to locate the source of her illness. After three days of telling her about his business travel, the man made a call to his wife and confessed.

“I learned that my spouse was straying and decided to seek help from a Juju man in order to hurt the mistress who was cheating with my husband.” I have no choice but to stop them, and I can’t damage my husband because he is everything to me, therefore the only way to stop the lady is to go see the Juju man” the wife explained.

Photos Below:

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