Woman rubs friend’s semen on her face as solution to a clear skin [Video]

A lady claims to have found a natural solution to a clear skin uses friend’s semen as an alternative to expensive skincare products.

Photo of lady using semen on her face
Photo of lady using semen on her face

According to Kelly Zolanski from New York,  she saw a video online about how much ‘nutrients and protein’ the male body fluid contains and decided to try it out.

Kelly claims she is single so she didn’t have someone give her a supply of the fluid, so she asked a friend if he would mind helping her out

According to her, the friend obliged, he came over and ‘deposited’ the semen in a tub for her, so she could keep it in her fridge.

Kelly said the fluid when applied directly goes ‘flaky’ on her skin so she mixed it with a moisturizer so it can be smoother on her skin. She lets the sperm dry, then washes it off.

‘’The semen has so many nutrients in it, I didn’t really see that much of a difference in my skin because I use skincare products on the regular, but I still wanted to try it.’

‘I called my friend and said “listen, I might need some more of this”.’

‘There wasn’t that much but when I mixed it with the stuff, there was enough for two days”. she said

Watch video here

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