You Don’t Have Skills To Be Finance Minister – Ghanaians Descend On Ken Ofori-Atta

The Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori Atta has made another public speech that has enraged Ghanaians on social media.

Ken Ofori Attah AfricaWish

He claims that certain Ghanaian firms are unable to employ graduates from various colleges because they lack the necessary skills.

He went on to note that because they lack the skills they require, local employers have reduced the rate at which they scout for interns and graduates to work for them.

Each year, a small number of individuals with IT skills graduate from various post-secondary institutions. He claims that most graduates lack basic IT skills and, as a result, are unable to find work.

On social media, some Ghanaians have slammed the Honorable Minister for making such a statement. The youth are requesting the minister to make a list of the many employment openings for which they lack the necessary qualifications.

Some argue that the Minister of Finance lacks the necessary skills to serve in that position. They claimed that his ministry is mismanaging the country’s money.

Others want the minister to reveal the number of occupations for which Ghanaians are unqualified. Some also stated that more than 10,000 students with IT skills graduate each year, as opposed to the minister’s claim of 1,000.

Every statement contains some element of truth. Some people agreed that what the minister said was true. Ghana’s school system is excessively bookish. Due to a lack of skills in this industry, the majority of young people are unable to find work.

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