”You really no well”- Actress Ani Amatosero tells lady who travelled abroad for a week with a man and refused him sex

Nigerian actress Ani Amatosero  reacts to the story of a lady who went on a one week trip outside Nigeria with a man and refused to sleep with him. ”You  really no well”. She said.

Photo of Ani Amatosero
Photo of Ani Amatosero

The actress Ani  Amatosero Instagram page and advises women to desist from expecting too much from men.

In her post, Ani mentioned that any woman who travels with a man she just met, for a vacation outside the country and then refuses to have sex with him isn’t alright.

Ani also added that some women are so greedy that even with a good job, they date unstable men just so they can live a life they cannot afford. She pointed that some women are ready to even sleep with native doctors just to keep up appearances.

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