Married policeman dies while doing the ‘thing’ with someone partner at a car park (+VIDEO )

Married policeman dies while doing the ‘thing’ with someone partner at a car park (+VIDEO )

A story emanating from Zimbabwe reveals a police officer has met his untimely death during a sexual encounter with his lover.
Reports say the sad incident happened at a shopping Centre where police officer, Makomborero Mazowe was spending quality time with his lover, Cindy Vhutuza.

The lady told reporters that the man died during hand job after she refused to have penetrative sex with him until they had both been tested for HIV. Cindy said during the sexual encounter, he started making strange noises and before she could salvage the situation, he was ‘gone.’

In an interview with daily tabloid H-Metro, Vhutuza said: “I experienced a terrible situation with Mazowe. We spent the better part of the day talking and listening to music. We had no money, so I collected dried ground nuts and watermelon, and that was that.

“I was behind the wheel when we parked the car at the shops close to a police station. Mazowe wanted to have sє** with me, but I refused, arguing that we had to go for HIV testing first. He insisted, saying he was too turned on and opted to find relief through a hand job.

“I assisted him, but he never discharged. Instead, he got into a trance as if he was having sє* and produced an unfamiliar sound. I became frightened and called for help from a passer-by. I sought help from a licensed driver to take us to a doctor, but we did not get one.”

She went on to say that she is struggling to cope with the incident.
“I am emotionally spent and struggling to accept how my love ended in such a way.”

The police also confirmed the death of Mazowe. Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident saying,

“Police are investigating the death of a police officer in Chitungwiza. The deceased was in the company of a woman in a parked car at Chirunga Business Centre.”

Watch the video below by clicking on the link below

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